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Women Series: Role of Iya Oloja in Mobilizing Market Women to be Politically Active

2 hours ago

This edition of the Women Series features Yeye Modupe Ojo, Iya Oloja, Orisun Bare Market (Mile 12), on the role of Iya Oloja as it concerns endorsement of candidate during an election as well as mobilization of market women during election cycles; with Ayomide Oguntoye.


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Nestlé Launches NESCAFÉ Plan 2030 to Help Drive Regenerative Agriculture, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improve Farmers’ Livelihoods

Tuesday, 4th at 10:09 AM

NESCAFÉ, Nestlé’s largest coffee brand and one of the world’s favorite coffees, outlined today its extensive plan to help make coffee farming more sustainable: the NESCAFÉ Plan 2030. The brand is working with coffee farmers to help them transition to regenerative agriculture while accelerating its decade of work under the NESCAFÉ Plan.

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