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Veritasi Homes Bags Global Investment Rating

Jan 23, 2023   •   by   •   Source: Veritasi Homes   •   eye-icon 238 views

Veritasi Homes, Nigeria's foremost real estate company, has confirmed the receipt of an international investment rating from the esteemed European credit rating agency, Scope Ratings. The global rating, a B/stable issuer rating for the first time, follows closely on the heels of the company's redemption of N5.53 billion in series 1 and 2 commercial paper as part of its N10 billion issuance program. The global rating by Scope Ratings to Veritasi Homes is the first of its kind issued to an indigenous African real estate company. 


Scope Ratings, a European credit rating agency that offers expert credit assessments across Europe, using a modular, opinion-driven, and flexible approach to assist institutional investors and issuers in making more informed economic decisions, said in a statement, "The outlook assigned is B/stable and it reflects our expectation that Veritasi Homes will be able to deliver its pipeline while maintaining adequate credit metrics".


In response to the international rating from Scope Ratings, Nola Adetola, CEO of Veritasi Homes, acknowledged that the company’s first-time B/Stable issuer rating by Scope Ratings reflects the company's good governance and management expertise. The rating from Scope Ratings illustrates that our dynamic approach to delivering exceptional value in the Nigerian real estate market amidst the economic uncertainties of the county has been very effective. Our vision is to transform the Nigerian real estate sector in the coming years by designing and building large scale housing and hospitality projects and we are on the right path. He added that our fantastic track record speaks for itself, and our credibility is unquestioned.

L-R: Seyi Ebenezer, Zonal head General Commerce VI, keystone bank, Lagos; Adetola Nola, Chief Executive officer, Veritasi Homes; Tobi Yusuff, Partner and Head of Marketing and Communications, Veritasi Homes.


Tobi Yusuff, Partner, Head of marketing and communications, Veritasi Homes, also said in a statement, “We have exceeded many expectations and accomplished many feats in just five years. Having an international rating from a credible European institution reflects our creditworthiness and global recognition as a real estate brand. There is room for growth; however, this will better position us as market leaders in the Nigerian real estate space”. 


Since its establishment in 2017, Veritasi Homes has become a leading brand in the Nigerian real estate sector. The company specializes in providing world-class developmental projects and advisory services. 

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