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Online Trading Ranking Report 2019 - Refining the User Experience; Trends in Digital Trading

Jul 30, 2019   •   by Proshare Research   •   Source: Proshare   •   eye-icon 103 views

The growing Nigerian digital trading experience has meant that CMOs have had to upscale technology and retrain staff to interface with customers on new platforms other than one-on-one personal contact. The deepening of the technological interface between CMOs and customers over time has improved the ease of transaction, increased customer access to market-related information, and made payment and settlement systems more efficient and effective.  

Competitive imperatives have required CMOs to take the customer as the centre of their digital market space, with the customer's trading experience being the unique measure of corporate success.  This perspective of financial markets is particularly important in the context of the fixed income debt market, which has become the largest market for tradable financial assets in Nigeria. Of the N195.09trn financial market size in 2018 N182.86trn or 93.73% can be attributed to the debt market (FMDQ) while 6.01% or N11.72trn is attributable to the listed equities market (NSE) and N0.51trn or 0.26% linked to the unlisted market (NASD). As the millennial population grows older and becomes, wealthier, their influence over the domestic financial market will increase. 

The need for versatility, creativity and speed is the defining requirements of successful digital financial service delivery in years ahead. How CMOs grow their digital customer base is a reflection of this new requirement for market sustainability and profitability. Millennial clients with access to massive data, and with limited attention span and reduced patience for detail will shape the service pattern of the future.

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