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NGX Records 3 New Listings and 3 De-Listings in 2022

Mar 16, 2023   •   by Proshare Research   •   Source: Proshare   •   eye-icon 232 views

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  1. Nigerian Capital Market at Crossroads; Working Towards a New Normal


New Listing and De-listings in 2022

Listings on the Nigerian Exchange remained at par in 2022 as the Exchange recorded three (3) new listings as against slight improvement in the previous year as the bourse witnessed 3 New Listings, 2 De-Listings in 2021 compared to 1 New Listing, 5 De-Listings in 2020; 3 New Listings, 7 De-Listings in 2019, and 1 New Listing, 4 De-Listings in 2018.

New Listing(s) 

BUAFOODS was the first company to be listed in the year 2022. ACCESSCORP was later listed in March 2022 while the third, GEREGUgot listed in October 2022.

An assessment of the share price of the newly listed entities in 2022 revealed that BUAFOODS grew by +62.50% between January 5, 2022, when it was listed, and the last trading day in 2022 while GEREGU grew by +39.70% between October 5, 2022, when it was listed and the last trading day in 2022.

However, ACCESSCORP dropped by -12.56% between March 28, 2022, when it was listed, and the last trading day in 2022 (see table 28 below).


Table 28: 


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The market witnessed three (3) delisting(s) in the year 2022 and the companies are: 

  1. Studio Press Nigeria Plc                                          Jan 7th, 2022
  2. Union Diagnostic and Clinical Services Plc        Jan 7th, 2022
  3. Access Bank Plc                                                        March 28th, 2022

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