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CEO Remuneration 2022: Allowances as a Proportion of CEO Remuneration in the World's Largest Companies

Nov 18, 2022   •   by Proshare Research   •   Source: Proshare   •   eye-icon 251 views

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Timotheus Hottges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, was the highest-paid CEO in terms of basic pay in 2021, topping Amazon CEO's basic salary by 50.58%. Timotheus Hottges received US$9.03mn as basic pay with a lower allowance of US$8.32m in 2021.


Naspers’ CEO, Bob Van Dijk, placed second with a basic pay of US$1.45m and a US$15.21m allowance, while Amazon CEO Andrew R. Jassy, who received the highest allowance of US$212.53m ranked third with basic pay of US$0.175m (see illustration 7 below).


Illustration 7: 



Table 2:


Bloomberg Payout Index: Highest-Paid CEOs in the US in 2021

According to the Bloomberg payout index, which petered out the top CEOs' compensation in the United States, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, topped the band with US$10.07bn as an option award in 2021, followed by Robert Scaringe, CEO of Rivian Automotive, who earned the second-highest remuneration of US$2.3bn. Robert Scaringe's income consists of a US$0.65m base salary, US$2.29bn option award, and US$0.13m perks.


While Tom Siebel, CEO of C3.a1, emerged as the fifth highest paid CEO with a base salary of US$0.006m and US$343.92m option stock, totaling US$343.9m in CEO remuneration (see illustration 8 below).


Illustration 8: 



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