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AWMS 2021 to Discuss Accelerating Adaptation of Modern Workforce Techniques

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Tuesday,April 06, 2021 / 5.00PM / AWMS / Header Image Credit: AWMS


The Africa Workforce Management Summit 2021 (AWMS2021) promoting the theme "Creating Organizational Agility To EnableAcceleration In Adapting Modern Workforce Techniques", presents a C-levelplatform that will focus on robust frameworks to help organizations plan and integratethe people strategy with business strategy from thought leaders, practitionersand experts with proven track records and successful best practices inintegrating strategic priorities with Workforce Planning, applying peopleanalytics across the talent life cycle, planning and prioritizing uninterruptedchange and uncertainty with agility and exploring advancements in technologiesand latest techniques to generate insights on Workforce Management (WFM).

Organizations are anticipated to be impacted by theCOVID-19 global pandemic for months or even years. In a time where most leadingorganizations have gauged the need to move away from traditional workforcearrangements and adapt to disruptive methods of digital transformation as a wayof remaining competitive and meet changing demand.

It has become the best time for management to innovateand revolutionize their working practices to thrive in a post-pandemic settingand adapt for the most important asset - THEIRPEOPLE


Consequently, the stakes for being agileamong companies have dramatically increased. Those who can rapidly pivot tostrengthen their ability to develop robust WFM frameworks and create properawareness around their offerings would emerge as leaders.


Every skill, practice, and framework iscrucial for WFM, but one thing COVID-19 has taught Organizations andthat is, to be super agile. Hence, it is established that "Agility is Key".


It is worthy to note that the future ofwork will require organizations to restructure according to the Modern Workforce, which will consist of acrowd-sourced group of employees, collaborative employment, work withfreelancers/contractors, and casual and remote work.


Through AWMS 2021, we bring forth a C-level platformwith a focus on pressing issues in the workforce management industry likemanaging demand and building digital talent, explore Strategies to developrobust operational excellence methods, methods for effective remote workpractices, comprehensive planning on rapid up-skilling, change leadershipand management competencies, create a culture of trust, transparency, and openness, workingtechniques and the importance of business continuity planning post-COVID-19,Agility in adapting to and adopting advanced and changing Workforce practicesand think about the individual and social well-being.

Our keynotes would be delivered by Tim Ringo and KateBarker. Tim Ringo is Chartered FCIPD, is an author, speaker, and executiveboard advisor on topics related to HR and Human Capital. His latest book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle, due inAugust 2020, on On the otherhand, Kate Barker is a highly-regarded Futurist with a passion for advancingthe Future of Work.


She is currently serving to advance Fortune 500companies around the world giving clients the confidence in their future on howto stay competitive & minimize risk through a leading edge of Future ofWork Strategies.

This will be followed by subsequent keynotes, candidconversations, fire-side chats, and focus group sessions moderated by globalexperts to outline the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Thecontent has been curated to educate, inspire and empower leaders to advancetheir pioneering strategies and transformation - effectively cultivating theirworkforce.

In a bid to address mission-critical challenges oforganizations due to disruptive situations like the Covid-19pandemic, this year we invite our Lead sponsor - Microsoft and OfficialTechnology Partner - SAP, who have various tools and techniques to contributeto enabling the management and the workforce to become agile. 

AWMS 2021 is organized by the International Centre forStrategic Alliances (ICSA) with Microsoft as Lead Sponsor. For more informationand access to the event brochure, please register at: or contact [email protected]  / +44 20 3808 8625.

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