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AFEX Shares Users Experience on ComX

Aug 10, 2022   •   by AFEX   •   Source: AFEX   •   eye-icon 224 views

In Nigeria, people are faced with making hard decisions on investment and choosing credible platforms for these investments.  Considering that Nigerians have lost over N300 billion to Ponzi schemes over the last five years according to a SEC report (2021), this is an issue that is widespread in the country. People are consistently defrauded of their life savings. Hence, seeking a credible investment platform is a huge task.


According to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s inflation rate is showing no signs of slowing down. In June 2022, the inflation rate rose to 18.60%, and owing to inconsistencies attached to inflation, there is no prediction of the rate going lower. However, a good way to hedge against inflation would be investing in instruments whose returns have a strong correlation to the inflation rate.


An important question here is “how many credible investment platforms offer instruments that have consistently provided superior returns to inflation in this ever-increasing inflationary environment in Nigeria?”


Amid the chaos the investment platforms in Nigeria are, there are genuine and authentic platforms, though hard to find, that offer investment opportunities for the public. They may employ conventional means to achieve this, which can be most times cumbersome and tiring.  In this age of digitalization and ICT, time management, and ease are reoccurring indices for measuring efficiency and effectiveness. This begs the big question “how many of these investment platforms have digital platforms like an app?” Of course, we’re in the 21st century and you and you need to keep active track of your hard-earned money in a platform that offers you ease and allows you to track your investment progress from the comfort of your home.


AFEX Commodities Exchange! Is the best out there. We at AFEX help you grow your wealth from the comfort of your home while offering returns that consistently outperform inflation. ComX, our digital trading platform, gives investors easy access to the market where they can execute trade themselves and get information about the market and listed products.


We’ve had active ComX Users share their experience so far. These are some of the testimonies: 


“Unlike like every other investment platform I get involved in, ComX has been seamless, the user-friendly interface of the app has made the process of investment easy for me. Once I deposit my money, I'm able to view the value of my investment in my wallet. In one word, I'll say it has been seamless.” – Ese


“I had little or no knowledge on investment, but with ComX I have been able to commit to investing and yes I can say it's a great step for me in my Financial journey.” Ido Ibiok


“I love that I can keep my money somewhere and watch it grow. I'm in the finance space and I love to put my money where my money works for me. Investing in commodities with ComX was something I wanted to do to diversify my portfolio. I have several investments with stocks, crypto, and all, and I wanted to diversify my portfolio. That was why I opted for commodities investment with ComX and so far, it has been great!”  – Ese


Now, our recently enlisted Trade Finance Note, a fixed income product that gives an ROI of 4.6% over 120 days makes investing in ComX even more interesting.


To get more information and indicate your interest in this product, please click this link


Come on, join the network of people upping their wealth game! We can’t wait to share your story! 


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