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7 Game Changing Marketing Automation Insights for 2017

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 8.55AM / Netcore 

Today, the marketing automation industry is worth about $5.5 Billion and drives lead generation and prospect nurturing globally. As brands spend increasingly more time and money on marketing in a digital world, companies like Netcore are coming up with better and more innovative ways to automate marketing. Here are some insights on how this exciting industry is set to evolve in 2017; 

Chatbots: Chatbots are poised to be the paradigm shift of the decade and will have a very big impact on customer experience. A chatbot is a service, powered by set rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, which users can interact with on a standard chat interface. Chatbots can be used on messaging apps and brand property.  In a country like India, WhatsApp is nearly ubiquitous, so brands using chatbots on WhatsApp could create an explosive impact. 

Real time marketing: Real-time marketing has shown great results when it comes to driving conversions and boosting ROI. Traditionally, marketing activities were carried out based on sample data. Soon, with developments in technology, marketers moved towards relying on historical customer data for a more accurate marketing strategy. However, modern marketing has now evolved towards using real-time data for marketing. With real-time data, marketers can create in-the-moment campaigns. 

Audience targeting: Audience targeting is the marketer’s ability to reach out to their own prospects through other paid channels. Marketing automation technology automates the process so marketers can reach out to customers when they are off-site, but through a channel which doesn’t involve sending push messages. With more publishers allowing access to audience targeting, mobile and other social media targeting is going to open up new marketing channels. 

Unified view of the customer- online and offline: In 2017, marketers are going to become even more reliant on data. But to leverage customer data optimally, from a customer’s offline and online activities, marketers will need a unified view of the customer. So marketers looking to consolidate disparate data sets within their purview, in a single location, can gain such a one-view through marketing automation.  

Analytics: While ‘Predictive analytics’ have been long-used buzzwords, marketers are slowly waking up to the potential of such easier-to implement analytics to drive marketing  change and create real impact in the year to come. Based on the analysis, marketers can decide whether to cross-sell or up-sell to  customers, which customers show signs of becoming a premium, high-segment customers etc., and then target them accordingly. 

Personalisation: Marketing automation yields a unified view and advanced analytics that helps marketers create personalised, crosschannel campaigns that are highly relevant to the target audience. Mass 1:1 personalisation will be the norm for the smart marketer of the future. Brands can deliver on their customer experience promise by offering relevant mass personalisation at scale through marketing automation.

Rise of the CDOs:
A key pillar of a digital organisation is digital marketing and Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) will rise to work closely and in synergy with Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), to become the chief influencers and decision-makers. 

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